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Notes on Chris

My instincts were right. The pen does indeed display the Rewards insignia. This pen and the business card I "found" in Chris's pocket are the keys to finding the meeting place. The pen seems to imply that a rail cipher is being used.

Rail ciphers use a zigzag pattern to encode their messages. The key is to find out the number of "rails" used. The Rails work like rows. You will always have a top and bottom rail/row, while you can have any number of rails/rows in the middle. For instance, if it used four rails, there would be one row of letters across the top, one across the bottom, and two in the middle.

I believe the zigzag pattern on the pen shows how many letters are on the top and bottom. For the top, you would pull letters from the front of the coded message and for the bottom, you would pull them from the back. Then you would split the remaining letters up into groups equal to the middle rails you need. Place all the rows so that the letters are on the zigzag, and then read along the zigzag line.


Below is an EXAMPLE of a rail cipher using FOUR rails. Note that the zigzag used with this example is different from the one on the pen.

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